Huckabee Out

With Mike Huckabee opting to not run for the Republican presidential nomination, the GOP field to compete against Obama in 2012 is even weaker than before.   Huckabee brought with him a whole lot of crazy talk (even aside from his rejection of evolution), but that is a prerequisite for Republicans these days.  There’s no way of knowing if he truly believes some of the nonsense he utters or whether it’s just to appeal to his Fox News audience.  Having said that, Huckabee could often seem reasonable when other candidates continued to spew their hateful diatribes.  In fact, Huckabee was able to do something few other Republicans would dare —  praise Bill Clinton:

… don’t get it lost on you that a kid from a very small, southern rural state aspired to be President of the United States. This kid came from a dysfunctional family, alcoholic abusive father and yet, he didn’t just aspire, he was elected president of the United States not once, but twice.  That is an affirmation of the system. And it is a wonderful testament to give to every kid in America that no matter where you come from, you’ve got an opportunity to do something extraordinary

His departure leaves the door open for other potential candidates and, I suspect, makes the path for Mitt Romney a little bit easier.  Not that I foresee Romney being a coronated candidate like George W. Bush in 2000 without meaningful competition, but I can not see another Republican candidate (announced or rumored) defeating him.