I’m not a member of an organized political party …

… I’m a Democrat.

Somehow George W. Bush could persuade a slim majority of Congress into overwhelming support authorizing war in Iraq (which wasn’t a viable threat to the United States) and President Obama with a filibuster-proof majority in the Senate can not get meaningful health care (which without being addressed poses a greater danger to the United States than Saddam ever did) reform legislation passed.

There are two reasons.  One, Obama and his team including Rahm Emanuel, have not forcefully twisted arms, threatened primary election opponent campaign support,  or shamed Democratic congressmen into action, perhaps by reminding them they were elected Democrats.  Secondly, the Democrats let’s just say are behaving like Democrats,  grabbing defeat from the jaws of victory.  But, it’s not just incompetence or gutlessness, although some of that certainly is at play.  A much larger component is out and out corruption.  If the Republicans are the political party that is bought and paid for by special interests like the health care industrial complex, it appears many Democrats are being rented with an option to buy.  Kent Conrad and Max Baucus are bought and paid for and should take their act from K Street to whatever D.C. street or thoroughfare in their respective districts prostitutes frequent.  The rest of the Blue Dog Dems should join them.


All Blue Dogs go to hell

Just when you think a single political party had sole ownership of obstructionism, comes a group of Democrats to join the Republicans in defense of the status quo.

Really, Blue Dog Dems?  Even the AMA, who opposed Medicare and Clinton’s health care reform, is on board.  In case you knuckleheads have missed the news, being conservative isn’t a badge of honor these days.  So make a fucking choice — are you with the Democrats or with the Republicans?

Honestly, if the Republicans had the Presidency, the majority in the House and the 60 votes in the Senate the Democrats possess, they’d probably have passed laws to make English the official language, added Ronald Reagan to Mt. Rushmore, and, of course started another war.