Trump Out

So it seems “The Donald” is also passing on 2012.  I’ve got to say I’m really quite disappointed — he’s long overdue for his comeuppance and being exposed as the absolute fraud he is.  How a conceited, self-aggrandizing, charlatan whose recent claim to fame is his catch phrase “You’re fired!” emerged as a potential candidate in midst of one of worst economic and employment climates since the Great Depression never ceased to amaze me.  But, when the party of note is the Republican party and part of his “appeal” is race baiting, the reality becomes easier to digest, however distasteful.

I’m sure Trump will soon utter some nonsense like, “I would have won had I entered the race, but …”  The reality Donald is you would have been humiliated, although let’s be honest, Obama already did that to you — let’s face it, he all but pulled down your pants and laughed at your small penis (is the Trump Tower only three inches?).

So Donald enjoy being the big man you are — and by big, I mean pathetic.  Fire some C-list celebrities or reality show attention whores who don’t adequately kiss your ass, then pretend you are a self-made  and don’t belong in debtor’s prison.


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