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Serious Times …

In a recent post at newmajority.com David Frum, resident fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, questions the outcome if Republicans successfully block President Obama’s plans for health care reform:

For some, the answer is obvious: beat back the president’s proposals, defeat the House bill, stand back and wait for 1994 to repeat itself.

The problem is that if we do that… we’ll still have the present healthcare system. Meaning that we’ll have (1) flat-lining wages, (2) exploding Medicaid and Medicare costs and thus immense pressure for future tax increases, (3) small businesses and self-employed individuals priced out of the insurance market, and (4) a lot of uninsured or underinsured people imposing costs on hospitals and local governments.

We’ll have entrenched and perpetuated some of the most irrational features of a hugely costly and under-performing system, at the expense of entrepreneurs and risk-takers, exactly the people the Republican party exists to champion.

The status quo is not acceptable.  Doing nothing is not a solution — the problems exist and will not just disappear through inaction.  Lying to the American people about pulling the plug on grandma or euthanizing the disabled serves no one.  Encouraging those who portray Obama as Hitler or suggest the U.S. is becoming fascist due to reform of health care insurance ultimately is a losing battle.  David Frum seems to have looked ahead.  Others conservatives should follow.

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