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The Audacity of Dopes

So, Bobby Jindal, after licking his wounds following his Kenneth the Page performance earlier this year, has re-entered the fray with a Wall Street Journal op-ed discussing health care.

First he fears for the private insurers in the face of the scary public option:

If a so-called public option is part of health-care reform, the Lewin Group study estimates over 100 million Americans may leave private plans for government-run health care. Any government plan will benefit from taxpayer subsidies and be able to operate at a financial loss—competing unfairly in the marketplace until private plans are driven out of business.

I’m sure some people are losing sleep over the unlikelihood of private plans driven out of business, but I can’t say I’m one of them (or even want to know one of them).  I’ll wait for the telethon:  for only $50,000 a day, you too can sponsor a displaced health insurance executive…

The next paragraph is where Bobby really hits his stride:

the Democrats disingenuously argue their reforms will not diminish the quality of our health care even as government involvement in the delivery of that health care increases massively. For all of us who have seen the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s response to hurricanes, this contention is laughable on its face.

Laughable on its face indeed.  Here Bobby makes the compelling argument:  the Democrats are lying — government doesn’t work — for reference see FEMA’s response to hurricanes.  Bobby, Bobby, Bobby.  As you well know, during Hurricane Katrina there was a fellow named George W. Bush in the White House.  His administration included Michael Chertoff (Department of Homeland Security) and Michael “Heckuva job Brownie” Brown (FEMA), who were responsible for dealing with crises of this nature.   It isn’t entirely clear, because it was such an epic clusterfuck, but it seemed their strategy to the devastation was to wait for it to dry before taking action.    So, Bobby, try again.

This seems to be a theme with Republicans.  First, talk about how ineffective and incompetent government is.  Then, somehow, overcome your intense hatred of government and campaign for election to a government office.  Finally, if elected do your damnest to govern poorly, thereby providing yourself (or at least fellow Republicans) examples of government incompetence.  Lather.  Rinse. Repeat.

Heckuva job Bobby.  Heckuva job.  We’re still waiting for more details on your health care proposal.  Perhaps it will recommend a healthy diet, replete with fruits and vegetables and, of course, a rigorous exorcism routine.

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