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The Politics of Doing Nothing (continued)

As I alluded to in a previous post, the Republican Party is more defined now, not on what they propose, but on what they oppose.  In short, they oppose President Obama.  Never is this more apparent than health care reform.

Their strategy doesn’t always take the form of obvious obstructionism, as this would be seen as shameful, even irresponsible, and might lead to the continued decline and perhaps ruination of their already dwindling minority party so it had to metastasize into other forms that culminate in the same result.  Two notably cancerous approaches include delay tactics and insincere, ineffective legislative proposals.  The former approach attempts to postpone legislation until a really, really good time for it, provided that time starts with “n” and rhymes with “ever.”  Where some would say reform delayed is reform denied, they would call success.

The latter approach, call it status quo protection masquerading as reform, seeks to protect the private insurers, pharmaceutical manufacturers, and other corporate interests under the guise of participatory democracy — the transparent attempt to appear to be working toward reform when reform is viewed as anathema to the corporate interest they so desperately struggle to defend (unfortunately, Blue Dog Dems have offered a helping hand for the same reasons).

Republicans don’t want any health care reform  — they held the Oval Office and both houses of Congress for much of George W. Bush’s two terms without a meaningful attempt at health care insurance reform — they just don’t want to seem like they oppose reform.

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