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Bill Kristol, Douchebag Emeritus

I’m shocked.  Not that Bill Kristol is urging Republicans to oppose Obama’s health care reform.  After all, he did the same when the last Democratic President was in office proposing health care reform.

What I’m shocked at is that this moron continues to have a platform for his opinion.  Has he not been discredited?  At what point does someone like Kristol become irrelevant or is the Republican Party just a revolving door of idiocy?

We’re talking about one of the proponents of the Iraq War.  How did that work out Bill?

What about his brilliant suggestion of running Sarah Palin for Vice President?  How about that one, Bill?

Then he even defended her resignation as potentially good strategy.  Really, Bill?

Still, his latest advice seems so compelling:

With Obamacare on the ropes, there will be a temptation for opponents to let up on their criticism, and to try to appear constructive, or at least responsible.

“My advice, for what it’s worth: Resist the temptation. This is no time to pull punches. Go for the kill.

You might get your wish, Bill — no one really believes the Republicans will actually even try to appear constructive or responsible, but they may with the help of some gutless Blue Dog Dems kill reform (by the way, great choice of words for stopping health care reform, Bill — you didn’t want to use “pull the plug” or “put a pillow over its head until it stops breathing”?).

On the other hand, Bill, what may get killed might be the Republican Party.  But even then, you’d probably still have a syndicated column, a regular appearances on Fox, and a devoted following.  I guess these days everyone needs a laugh.

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