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Jeb 2012?

It seems after recent comments he made, Jeb is trying to position himself against the competition for 2012 Republican front-runner.  There’s some joke about being the tallest midget, but I’m told that it is preferable to use little person — being the tallest little person doesn’t quite have the same impact, but I digress.

Jeb is depending on the short attention span of the American  public, which admittedly is of fruit fly duration, but come on Jeb — no one is going to forget the complete fuckup that you call big brother.

Jeb bemoaned the state of the Republican Party and seemed to question whether it was packaging:

I’m not saying abandon our principles. To the contrary: Find creative ways of expressing the principles.

This should be a renaissance time. Whether it’s education or health care or energy or the environment, or whether it’s the scale and scope and size of the governments all around us. This should be our time. But it isn’t, is it?

No, Jeb it isn’t your time.  And why not you ask?  Because you’re all a bunch of fucking simpletons and your policies have been enacted and proven (repeatedly) disastrous.  Finding creative ways of expressing your flawed ideology just won’t work.

Go ahead and get ready to run Jeb.  Ask Newt and Sarah and Dick and Rush and all the rest of the gang to run as well.  But don’t be surprised with the result.

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