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Palin Exit Stage Far Right

I’m not sure where she’s going, but it won’t be the kitchen.  Too hot.

There’s an attempt by right-wing supporters to label her move as somehow heroic — that she’s sacrificing for the good people of Alaska.  This, of course, defies any logic, but with right-wing supporters when has that ever mattered?  These are the same people who drive around with W stickers on their car — anyone with any sense would have never had one on to begin with; anyone with any shame would have removed them.  Note to all drivers: if you have a Sarah! bumper sticker on your car please stay in the slow lane — the real slow lane — or better yet don’t drive at all.

With any luck Sarah Palin will return to the obscurity from where she came — anywhere in Alaska will do.   As for any Presidential hopes: winners never quit, Sarah, and quitters never win.

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